SAFE AND SMART HRMS is a unique system to manage all employee needs in an organization.

  • Automated Salary Processing based on attendance.

  • 360 Degree Appraisal Process.

  • Smart attendance tracking, Late Marks, Time Checks.

  • Employee Task Management and Work Reports.

  • Client Billing (CGST/SGST/Offshore) based on the actual time taken for work,

  • No more Printed Payslips, Employees can print it when ever they want.

  • Leaves Management and Leave Engine which automatically allotes leaves

  • System guided Leaves tracking

  • Centralized distribution of company's data, work-files, and communication which improves your efficiency

  • Internal Messaging system.

  • Smart Recruitment Process.

A 100% Proven System, Currently been used by a lot of employers, including banks, and managing employees across 7 countries


SAFE AND SMART HRMS helps you to solve the most complex business problems into very manageable chunks, makes your organization process driven and gives you complete control over your business. Most clients using our system could easely get through ISO standards. It helps you track every possible activity in an organisation and gives your employees a hi-tech work environment with proven improved productivity. Once implemented, SAFE AND SMART HRMS wastes no time and it shifts to the next gear and improves company performance, and you can start seeing the changes from day 2.



Recruitment Module

Appointment Letter / Offer Letter Generation

World Class Organization Structure

Attendance Tracking

Task Tracking

Work Time Logging

Task Billing

Automated Payroll Processing with PF, ESI, Welfare Fund

Leave Tracking, Automated Leave Engine which allots leaves as per Company Policy

Internal Messages

Paper Free Work

Holiday Planning

Trip Logging


Company References

Downloads (Personel / Company Files)

Birthday Reminders

Employee Appreciations

Employee Survey

Employee Suggestions

Integration with Biometric system

Smart 360 Degree Appraisal Process

Resignation Process with Exit Interview

Asset Management

Dashboard with Company Performance Indicators

Employee Reward program with nominations

Easy Appointment / Offerletter Generation

IP Restricted Attendance Marking

Health Club

100 hours Free Customization

The difference Maker

SAFE AND SMART HRMS changes the whole work culture of your company. Tunes Performance, gives accurate billing, and controls all employees in such a way that it maintains a very good culture in the company. Employees start feeling the need to complete their jobs without forcing them.

Is your organization ready for SAFE AND SMART HRMS ?

As per management researchers, every company goes through different levels of growth. All start with a struggle phase, and once we get through that difficult phase in around 2-3 years' time, we reach a fun phase where we have enough clients, A well-managed fun phase can take you to the next level of predictive success where you can predict the growth trajectory based on real data. But on the contrary, if no proven process is in place, fun phase can take you directly to white water, which means you face severe client issues and work issues, resulting in unsatisfied employees and un-satisfied clients which can take you to Big Rut stage.SAFE AND SMART HRMS is developed after 4 years of research, So that it helps you to avoid the white water and big rut from your company. SAFE AND SMART HRMS takes control of the overall process and makes sure we have satisfied employees and satisfied clients, and in effect a satisfied employer. So if your organization is in any of the above phases, we highly recommend SAFE AND SMART HRMS. Our implementation is so fast and we give you adequate training to get started.